Question: How do I register my own domain name?


Domain name is what users type in their browser to come to your site. When you create a website, you specify a one-word site name. Although there are exceptions, this one-word name usually becomes part of your domain name. For example, if you specified JohnPhotography as the site name, user can type

in their browser to get to your site.

Once you register a domain users can get to your site by typing:  OR

Platinum Package
If you use our Platinum package, you are eligible to get a free domain name. Log in your administrator's account and select Domain Registration from the main administrator's page. In case of the Platinum package, we do everything for you. All you do is tell us which domain name you want.

Personal or Business Package
If you are using the Personal or Business package, you have to perform the following tasks:
  • Register a domain name with a domain registrar, such as GoDaddy
  • Add an A record in the DNS server pointing to the A record for
  • Add an MX record in the DNS server pointing to the MX record for

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