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Subject:Enabling blogs on your website
Creation date:9/23/09 11:45 AM
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Enabling Blogs

Enabling blogs is a two step process:
  1. Account creation - Site administrator need to create necessary accounts for employees who wish to blog
  2. Blogging - Employees login to their account and create blogs

Account creation

Follow the steps below to create accounts.
Notice that the URL ends with blogger's nick name followed by .blog.


Once necessary accounts are created, bloggers can login to their account using the email and password that was used to create this account.

When bloggers log in for the first time, they are asked to fill out some information about themselves, which includes information about their name and a short description. Optionally, they can also upload a picture that is displayed alongside their blogs.

To add a new blog, click the Add a new blog link that appears on the top. Every blog has a subject and the main body.

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