Using Breadcrumbs for navigation

Breadcrumbs are a navigation element that theoretically allows users to orient themselves within a website. They are primarily intended to help users avoid becoming lost by indicating to them where they are at in the website. A second purpose for breadcrumbs is to offer shortcut links for users to "jump" to previous categories in a sequence.

Breadcrumbs usually are placed near the top of the page, and look like the following:

Tips for using Breadcrumbs

The text for breadcrumbs is based on the subject of your page. The system looks for either a dash (-) or a colon (:) in the subject line and displays the string up to the matching character. If none of the characters are found, first two words in your subject will get displayed. Consider the following page hierarchy

Page LevelPage SubjectMarker character
Level 1Home - Welcome to our home pageContains a dash
Level 2 »Products : Best coffee, served freshContains a colon
Level 3 »Cappuccino machine at affordable priceDoes not contain any marker

Breadcrumbs on any Level 4 page will be displayed like:

Home » Products » Cappuccino machine

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