Why Choose Us?

The best way to differential between 10 Minutes Web and other hosting companies is the 95/5 percent rule: A typical hosting company does 5% of your web hosting work and leaves 95% of the task for you to finish. On the other hand, we do 95% of your work and you do the remaining 5%.

In short, we offer a lot more than just hosting your web site.

10 Minutes Web Other hosting solutions

Build your entire web site in 10 Minutes. We provide:

  • Domain registration (Platinum package)
  • DNS configuration (Platinum package)

Several steps are involved when you create a site with a typical hosting company. These steps are:

  • Create an account
  • Register a domain name
  • Add entries in a DNS server
  • Create web pages on your machine and then upload them to the server using FTP.
Quick and easy maintenance - modify the pages on your site live. Cumbersome maintenance - modify pages elsewhere and then upload your changes to the server.
Develop Anywhere - use any machine to make changes on your site You most likely will need a development environment
No need to hire a consultant to create your web pages. You can create them yourself. Most users can create 95% of the contents on their own. Our support department can help you for the remaining 5% Need to hire a programmer who can create your site.
Most of the art work is already done. You can select from hundreds of pre-existing templates You will need to hire someone for the art work
Built-in custom applications like Photo Album, Event Manager and others. This is the feature that sets us apart from any other company providing web creation services.

Click here to read more about custom applications.
No custom applications

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