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Video Tutorials

Besides textual documentation, we have created several video tutorials showing you how to use our services. Click on the links below to see that actual tutorial.

Must-watch tutorials

We strongly recommend that you watch every tutorial in this category before using the services on this website.

How to create a website in 10 Minutes
Duration: 4.8 minutes

Demonstrates how to create a website in just 10 Minutes by creating an account, selecting a template and modifying the selected template for your requirements.
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Modifying pages and working with images
Duration: 7.1 minutes

Demonstrates how to modify contents on your website, transferring images from your machine to the server and then using them on your web pages.
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Changing the looks of your site by applying a new template
Duration: 4.1 minutes

Demonstrates how to apply a new look and feel for your website without loosing any contents. You can select from thousands of professionally created templates to use on your site.
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Changing top-level links on your website
Duration: 4.8 minutes

Top-level hyper links appear on every page of your site. This video demonstrates how to add, modify or delete links from the top-level menu on your website.
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Categorizing pages on your site
Duration: 5.25 minutes

You can optionally categorize every page on your website and display pages belonging to a category together. Example categories are News, Press Releases, FAQ, etc...
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Using breadcrumbs for navigation
Duration: 3.3 minutes

With breadcrumbs, users can see where the page they are on is located in the hierarchy of the site. This video shows how to use this feature on your website.
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Why choose us?
Duration: 6.4 minutes

Talks about differences between and services provided by other hosting companies. This video demonstrate how and why we provide a better solution that can save money in the long run.
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Creating a zip file
Duration: 2.0 minutes

Demonstrates how to combine multiple files into a zip file on a Windows machine. You can add any file, include images, documents and videos into a zip file.
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Custom Applications

Following tutorials are designed to show you the capabilities of custom application on your site. We recommend you take some time to watch these videos if you are using any of the applications below.

Creating a website for a restaurant
Duration: 4.9 minutes

Demonstrates how to create a website in just 10 Minutes for your restaurant. It talks about creating an account, selecting a template from our gallery and modifying the template for your restaurant.
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Adding and modifying dishes to restaurant menu
Duration: 9.2 minutes

Demonstrates how to add dishes to your restaurant menu. It also talks about configuring your website to accept online orders.
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Using images on restaurant menu
Duration: 3.1 minutes

Demonstrates how to spice up your restaurant menu with images of your dishes. First, the demo talks about transferring images from machine to the server and then associating an uploaded image with a dish on your menu
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Using Photo Album
Duration: 5.3 minutes

Demonstrates how to create photo albums on your site, upload pictures to these albums and securing them by using a key.
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Managing events and accept RSVP requests
Duration: 4.1 minutes

Demonstrates using the Events Manager application. Using this application you can publish events on your website and allow potential attendees to signup.
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