Who is this for?

Personal websites are geared for individuals who would like to share information about themselves. A good example is a recently graduated college student who would like to put his/her resume or some perhaps information about a school project.

Another good example is new photographer who would like to create a showcase of his/her photographs

What do I get?

Following features are included in a Personal Web Site

  • Up to 10 pages
  • 50 MB disk space
  • 500 MB monthly data transfer
  • Ability to add or modify pages

Additional Features

Additionally, every package include:
  • Thousands of free web templates - Select from thousands of free templates as a starting point of your web application. You can can select up to 5 different templates.
  • Customizing and branding - Customize the website as well as the template the way you like. Upload your company logo to give it a personal touch
  • Upload images and binary files - Upload images and other binary files right from your browser. No need to use FTP or any other program.
  • Traffic statistics- View a complete report of who is accessing your web site and what pages are being referenced the most.
  • Site map - Automatic site maps are created to help search engines like Google, Yahoo and MS Live index your site.
  • Personalized Domain - Use a personalized domain. Users on the Internet can just type http://YourDomain.com to access the site.

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