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Basic Concepts

There are two interfaces to any website managed by this service:
  1. User Interface - Any person surfing on the Internet who comes to your site is created as a user
  2. Administrator Interface - Requires a password and allows you to modify the contents on your website
The remainder of this page talk about different concepts used by this service that help you publish your website.

Web Templates

Web templates are provided for free and shape the look and feel of your website. Our engineers have created thousands of templates that you can select and instantly bring your site to life. A web template is made up of following ingredients

  • Header File
  • Footer File
  • CSS file
  • Images

Header & Footer files

Header and footer files are created to give a consistent look to your website. Every page that you create is sandwiched between a header and footer. Although we allow you modify header and footer files manually, we recommend changing these files if you are an advanced user. 

Disadvantages of modifying header and footer files are:
  • You cannot switch to a different template without redoing the changes to the new template
  • Any error in these files will make you website unusable.

CSS file

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and defines different styles for your web document. Every template comes with a different style sheet which can be modified by the user.

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